What a beautiful day :-)

Lovely day around Lac Leman.

  • Lac Leman
  • Lac Leman

Sack the Ultras!

Was a very odd Servette game this week. For some reason the fans were protesting (again). This time though, for the entire first half they stayed inside the stadium drinking weak beer and singing their crappy songs. So you could kind of hear them, but not see them.

To be honest it didn't really affect the atmosphere at all, and Servette still won 2-1, despite a last minute penalty by Bienne. Hey - this is Servette, they are more than capable of throwing it away in injury time!

A selection of pictures from the game:

  • La Praille
  • La Praille
  • La Praille
  • La Praille
  • La Praille
  • La Praille

Afterwards we hit the bars in Planpalais - most notably L'Eléphant dans la Canette. The usual Delerium was consumed, along with some strange chilli shot stuff in little bottles. After a fight to get the lids off we finally had them. They tasted like ass. Then for some reason later on we though it was necessary to go to The Clubhouse and do this to a Guinness:

  • Poor Guinness

Sorry Arthur.

A Liverpool fan went to a pub to watch a game of football... then something amazing happened

So basically, it comes down to "Liverpool really need other teams to beat Man City". One of those teams that really need to provide the beating is Everton. Cheering on your local rivals? No problem. Some fans will even go as far as this:

  • Blue in Red
  • Best Blue Friends

Yes it happened. Never before has a man looked so uncomfortable. Probably.

But at least later on I won at darts. :-)

  • Winning Double 8

Update: Everton lost.